Translating cultures: Medievalism on the Move (29th International Conference on Medievalism), Atlanta, 24-25 octobre 2014
Translating cultures: Medievalism on the Move
(29th International Conference on Medievalism), Atlanta, 24-25 octobre 2014

One of the great epistemological strengths of Medievalism Studies has been its openness to various forms of cultural reception, including linguistic, ideological, geographical, and disciplinary perspectives. For this year’s conference at Georgia Tech we specifically invited sessions and individual papers that would investigate the manifold transformations (hence the plural MEDIEVALISMS) that happen when recreations, reinventions, and redefinitions of the “medieval” move from one cultural space and time to another. The conference will feature two plenaries: Sylvie Kandé will speak ON the migration of medievalisms from Europe and Africa to the Americas, and Kathleen Verduin will share her work on THE reception of Dante Alighieri in North America. This year’s program also features contributions on how medievalisms MOVE between discourses, genres, modes, geographies, technologies, historical periods, religions, art forms, social classes, and research paradigms. And our program includes numerous other examples of the reception of medievalia from the Renaissance through present times.

Leah Haught, Valerie B. Johnson, and Richard Utz, Co-hosts

Thursday, October 23


6:30-7:30 pm

The Club Room, Georgia Tech Hotel; Cash Bar

Regular Sessions Address:

Stephen C. Hall Building, 215 Bobby Dodd Way

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30313

Friday, October 24, 9am-10:30am : 2 concurrent sessions

Session 2: Gender and the Spirit

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Chair: Kara L. McShane (U of Rochester)

Claudia Yaghoobi (Georgia College & State U)

The Ideal of Beauty in Medieval and Post-Medieval Persian Culture: Jami’s “Yusuf and Zulaikha”

Carol L. Robinson (Kent State U at Trumbull)

Medievalist Media Sexism on the Move

Niamh Pattwell (U of Dublin)

Engaging the Medieval in Frank McGuinness’s Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

Session 3: Remix Culture / The Medieval Remixed

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Chair: Lesley A. Coote

Eric Doyle (Villanova University)

Lohengrin Drowning: Myth and History in The Good Soldier

Matthew Schwager (Montana State U)

The Mousetrap and the Medieval: Historical Rhetoric and Design in Musical Interfaces

Alexander L. Kaufman (Auburn U at Montgomery)

Remake/Remodel: Roxy Music’s Avalon and the Spiral of Arthurian Renewal

Gwendolyn Morgan (Montana State U)

Reclaiming Englishness: Modern Usage of the Anglo-Saxon Language

10:45am-12:15pm : 3 concurrent sessions

Session 4: Medievalisms in the Classroom: A Roundtable

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 106

Organizers: Leah Haught & Valerie B. Johnson (Georgia Tech)

Chair: Peter Fontaine (Georgia Tech)

Leah Haught (Georgia Tech)

From Westeros to Broceliande: Mapping the Multimodal Middle Ages

Valerie B. Johnson (Georgia Tech)

Up-Cycling: Adapting the York Mystery Cycle

Kara L. McShane (U of Rochester)

“Just Like the Thirteenth Century”: Examining Fact and Authenticity In the Footsteps of Marco Polo

Arthur Bahr (MIT)

Anglo-Saxon from Anywhere: Mobile Pedagogy and Virtual Classrooms

Robin Wharton (Georgia State U)

Digital Pedagogy, Textual Studies, and Thomas Hoccleve

Session 5: Medievalism & France

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Chair: Thomas Hahn (U of Rochester)

Kara Larson Maloney (Binghamton U)

Lost in Translation: Gawain, Reputation and His Troubles with Old French

Chris Ippolito (Georgia Tech)

Flaubert’s Middle Ages

Laura Hollengreen (Georgia Tech)

Riding and Marching to Victory: The Military Tactic of the Chevauchée in Medieval France and Nineteenth-Century America

Session 6: Physicality and Performance

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Chair: Jonathan Kotchian (Georgia Tech)

Kathryn O’Toole (Independent Scholar)

Physical Spirits

E.L. Risden (St. Norbert College)

Detective Dee: Chinese Cinematic Medievalism and the Acrobatic Art of Detection

Lisa Nalbone (U of Central Florida)

Moving through Time and Space in Mercedes Rubio’s Las siete muchachas del Liceo (1957) Via Wagner’s Parsifal in Barcelona, Spain (1914)

Session 7: Open Access in the Academy

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Organizers: Fred Rascoe & J. Britt Holbrook (Georgia Tech)

Chair: Richard Utz (Georgia Tech)

Sponsor: Innovation and Collaboration in Liberal Arts, Science, and Technology (ICLAST); funded by Provost Office GT FIRE Transformative Research and Education


Kevin Harty (La Salle U; Review Editor Arthuriana); Leah Haught (Georgia Tech; Assoc. Editor Medievally Speaking); Jesse G. Swan (U of Northern Iowa; Editor UNIversitas); Thomas Hahn (U of Rochester; TEAMS editorial); Robin Wharton (Georgia State U; Hoccleve Project); Paul Sturtevant (Managing Editor, Curator: The Museum Journal)

Friday, October 24, 1:45pm-3:15pm : 3 concurrent sessions

Session 8: Time, Space, Movement, Theory

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 106

Chair: Valerie B. Johnson (Georgia Tech)

Vincent Ferré (Université Paris Est, UPEC)

The adventures of a notion: Alterität-altérité-alterity, from Europe to the USA

M.J. Toswell (U of Western Ontario)

Borges’ Medievalism First and Last

Lesley Coote (U of Hull)

CGI, Borders and Spaces Between

Session 9: Medievalists Making Medievalism: Readings

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Organizer: Pamela Clements (Siena College)

Chair: Andy Frazee (Georgia Tech)

Readers: Gwendolyn Morgan (Montana State U); E.L. Risden (St. Norbert College); Curtis VanDonkelaar (Michigan State U); Pamela Clements

Session 10: Absence

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Organizer/Chair: Amy Kaufman (Middle Tennessee State U)

Elizabeth Sklar (Wayne State U)

Ubi Arturus?

Rebecca King (Middle Tennessee State U)

Arthur’s Absence in Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Arthurian Works

Michael Evans (Central Michigan U)

Is Pre-Columbian America ‘Medieval’?

Donald L. Hoffman (Northeastern Illinois U)

The Medieval Absence in Arabic Film

Friday, October 24, 3:30pm-5pm : 3 concurrent sessions

Session 11: Medieval Grail Quest Narratives in Contemporary Cinema

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 106

Organizer: Peter Fontaine (Georgia Tech)

Chair: Clint Stivers (Georgia Tech)

Peter Fontaine (Georgia Tech)

Let’s Booboo: The World’s End as (Re)Iteration of the Grail Quest and Medieval Narrative

Dustin Hannum (Georgia Tech)

“This is our immortality”: Tin Cup, Sporting Quests, Inner Demons, Failure, and the American Dream

Julie Hawk (Georgia Tech)

Arthur and Lancelot Go to Camelot: The Hamburger Slider as Holy Grail in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Session 12: Major Authors

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Chair: Caitlin Kelly (Georgia Tech)

Rachel Landers (U of Alabama Birmingham)

“A Tale Thrice Told”: The Medievalism in William Wordsworth’s Geoffrey Chaucer Modernizations

Clare A. Simmons (Ohio State U)

Medievalist Wandering in Wordsworth’s Excursion

Martha Oberle (Frederick Community College)

Chaucer, Malory, Dante--the Medievals--and The Computer

Session 13: Medieval Things

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Chair: Joy Robinson (Georgia Tech)

Henry Schilb (Princeton U)

Lost in Translation: The Displacement of Meaning from Post-Byzantine Liturgical Textiles Acquired by R.F. Borough and Burton Y. Berry

Elizabeth Emery (Montclair State U)

Meubles: The Collection and Display of Medieval Furniture in Nineteenth-Century France

Dustin Frazier (University of Roehampton)

Charter Horns and the Eighteenth-Century English Landscape

Robin Wharton (Georgia State U)

Medievalism in the Makerspace

Friday, October 24, 5:15pm-6:15pm

Session 14: PLENARY I

D.M. Smith Lecture Hall 105 (685 Cherry Street, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Introduction: Karl Fugelso, Editor: Studies in Medievalism

Kathleen Verduin (Hope College)

“The Times of the Appreciation”: Dante among the Americans

Friday, October 24, 7:15pm-9pm

Ceremony honoring Kathleen Verduin

Saturday, October 25, 9am-10:30am

3 concurrent sessions

Session 15: Monachatus non est pietas: Matthew Lewis’ The Monk

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Organizer: Nickolas Haydock (U of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez)

Chair: Nicole Lobdell (Georgia Tech)

Nickolas Haydock

The (A)wry Views of Matthew Lewis’ The Monk

Pedro Noel Doreste (Emory U)

“Collapse of the Sacrosanct: Monk Lewis’ Violent Christophobia in Ken Russell’s The Devils”

Margarita Rivera (U of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez)

Power and Social Hierarchy in Matthew Lewis’ The Monk

Session 16: What We Remember to Forget: Medievalism’s Aporiae

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 106

Organizer/Chair: Lauryn S. Mayer (Washington and Jefferson College)

Carol Robinson (Kent State U at Trumbull) & Pamela Clements (Siena College)

Serious Play—Unseriously: Acceptance and Empowerment in Neomedievalism

Kevin Moberly (Old Dominion U) & Brent Moberly (Indiana U)

Swords, Sorcery, and Steam: Industrial Age Nostalgia in Medieval-themed Computer Games

E.L. Risden (St. Norbert College)

A Lesser-known Sister Rehabilitates a Lesser-known Brother: Clemence Housman’s Sir Aglovale de Galis

Thomas Goodmann (U of Miami)

Arts and Crafts and Women’s Work

Richard Utz (Georgia Tech)

Medievalism’s Nationality

Session 17: Animating the Medieval World

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Organizer/Chair: J.P. Telotte (Georgia Tech)

Richard Neupert (U of Georgia)

Animated Animals and Embodied Performance in Starewicz’s Tale of the Fox

Krystina Madej (Georgia Tech)

Bakhtin and Disney: Dialogism, Heterglossia, and Longevity in Disney’s world of Knights and Ladies Fair

J.P. Telotte (Georgia Tech)

Flatness and Depth: Disney’s Medieval—and Modern—Vision

Saturday, October 25, 10:45am-12:15pm : 3 concurrent sessions

Session 18: The Modern Medieval Fantasy

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Chair: Patricia R. Taylor (Georgia Tech)

Maria Sachiko Cecire (Bard College)

“It Grows Like a Seed in the Dark”: Medieval Literature and Tolkien’s Alternate Canons

Kyle Ann Huskin (U of Rochester)

A Theory of Slayer Slang: Creating a New “Cult Classic” Television Series out of Old English Language and Culture

Sarah Lindsay (Milligan College)

Knights vs. Prejudice in Space: The Pre-modern Past in “The Mountains of Mourning”

Emily Huber (Franklin and Marshall)

Leave off Loki, for thou art drunk: Mediating the Trickster in Comics and Film

Session 19: Russian Medievalisms

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 106

Organizers/Chairs: Dina Khapaeva & Nikolay Koposov (Georgia Tech)

Nikolay Koposov

Ancient Rus: The Birth of Russian Medievalism

Kevin Platt (U of Pennsylvania)

Sergei Eisenstein and Stalinist Medievalism

Dina Khapaeva

Russian Gothic Society: Report on the Recent Advancement of Pragmatic Medievalism

Session 20: Presence

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Organizer: Amy Kaufman (Middle Tennessee State U)

Chair: Michael Evans (Central Michigan U)

Kevin J. Harty (La Salle U)

The Vikings in Rhode Island: The Sagas, The Newport Tower, and R. William Neill’s 1928 Film, The Viking

Susan Aronstein (U of Wyoming) & Laurie Finke (Kenyon College)

Frederick Glasscock’s New Round Table

Anne Howey (Brock U)

Uther’s Presence in the BBC Merlin

Amy Kaufman

Dark Revivals

Saturday, October 25, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Session 21: PLENARY II

D.M. Smith Lecture Hall 105 (685 Cherry Street, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Introduction: Carol Colatrella, Associate Dean, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Sylvie Kandé, SUNY Old Westbury

Olifants and Balafos: The Social Life of African Things in Postcolonial Middle Ages

Saturday, October 25, 1:45pm-3:15pm : 3 concurrent sessions

Session 22: Medieval Spectres

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 106

Chair: Alexander Kaufman

Mustafa Kemal Mirzeler (Western Michigan U)

Remembering the Voyage of Sir Vivian Fuchs to the South Island in 1934: The Elmolo and Europeans on the Shores of Lake Rudolf in the Kenya Colony

Thomas Hahn (U of Rochester)

Medievalism, Oscar Wilde, and Pyle’s Robin Hood

Session 23: Medievalisms of Early Modern English Language, History, and Drama

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Organizer/Chair: Jesse Swan (U of Northern Iowa)

Sarah A. Kelen (Nebraska Wesleyan U)

Ancestor or Alien? Early Modern Perspectives on Medieval English

Rebecca Brackmann (Lincoln Memorial U)

Separation Anxiety: Sir Simonds D’Ewes’ Passionale in Harley 315 and Harley 624

Brian Gourley (Independent Scholar)

An Analysis of Late Medieval Representations of Evil on the Reformation Stage: The Reconfiguring of the Seven Deadly Sins in John Bale’s Three Laws

Session 24: The (Augmented) Cathedral and the (Magic) Book: Image, Space, and Experience in the Middle Ages and the Digital Age

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Organizers/Presenters: Jay Bolter (Georgia Tech) & Maria Engberg (Malmö U)

Respondents: Karl Fugelso (Towson U); Elizabeth Emery (Montclair State U); M.J. Toswell (U of Western Ontario)

Saturday, October 25, 3:30pm-5pm: 3 concurrent sessions

Session 25: Flannery O’Connor’s Medievalism

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 106

Organizer/Chair: Jesse Swan (U of Northern Iowa)

Jesse Swan

Flannery O’Connor’s Narrative Voice and the Medievalizing of Modernity

Marshall Bruce Gentry & Elaine Whitaker (Georgia College & State U)

Flannery O’Connor’s Boy Bishops

Session 26: Made in Italy

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 102

Chair: Kathleen Verduin (Hope College)

Karl Fugelso (Towson U)

Moving Illustrations of the Divine Comedy

Jesse DeSales Shelton (Independent Scholar)

Multiple Modernities in the Works of Leonardo Bruni

Eloisa Bressan (U of Aix-Marseille)

Pound’s Medievalism: Translation to Creation

Rebecca Burnett (Georgia Tech)

Poison, Padua, and Risk: Authenticating Toxins in “Rappaccini's Daughter”

Session 27: Medieval Atlanta

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Organizer / Chair: Richard Utz (Georgia Tech)

Katherine Squire, Karthik Rao, Matthew Kaune (Georgia Tech): People

Michael Adkison, Jessica Thomas, Tabitha Shamis (Georgia Tech): Places

Cody Owen, Elizabeth Pemberton, and Kimberly Duane (Georgia Tech): Things

Saturday, October 25, 5pm-6pm

Session 28: Doing Medievalism: Projects & Opportunities for Publishing

Stephen C. Hall Building Room 103

Networking session with editors, advisory board members, and authors from Studies in Medievalism, The Year’s Work in Medievalism, Medievally Speaking, Medievalism (book series), and Perspicuitas.