ESCL conference “Narrations of Origins in World Cultures and the Arts”
: 11/05/2021
: 15/05/2021

Dear All,

We are glad to invite you to the Torino ESCL conference Narrations of Origins in World Cultures and the Arts.

We kindly invite you to check the details of the programme on our website:

We also remind you of the other events we have organized:

#1 Exhibition at Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria (https://www.originsescl2020.unito.it/1-exhibition-biblioteca-nazionale-universitaria);

#2 Round Table on "Narrations of Origins" at Circolo dei Lettori on 11.05.2021 at 16.30 pm (available in streaming) (https://www.originsescl2020.unito.it/2-round-table-circolo-dei-lettori);

#3 Reading/Musical Performance "The Wooden Dolphin" on 13.05.2021 at 18.00 pm (available in streaming) (https://www.originsescl2020.unito.it/3-reading-musical-performance-the-wooden-dolphin).

STAY TUNED for more updates on our social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter (@EsclOrigins2020)

🎆We kindly ask to advertise the conference and the collateral events as much as possible through social and academic networks, in order to encourage dialogue and cultural exchange.

Thank you, looking forward to meeting you soon!

Best regards,

Chiara Lombardi and Cristiano Ragni