Criticism, literary theory and ideology
: Dorothy Figueira and Jean Bessière (ed.)
: fr
: 9782745360441
: Honoré Champion, Paris
: 2024
The essays in this volume examine contemporary criticism and literary theory as responses to questions elicited by readers' recognition of the presence of ideology in literary works. These responses are themselves ideological. The term "ideology" here designates a system of ideas in criticism and theory. This system allows the reader/critic to read ideology in literature according to prevalent conceptions regarding gender, race, reality, political, social and cultural situations, the use of ethics in literature, and literature itself. The examples of ideology studied here deal with principal critical and theoretical orientations and cover a broad geographical range - the Americas, European countries, India, China, etc. The diversity of the use of ideology in literary studies is critical, while at the same time it fully recognizes literature's status as literature. This volume is organized in 2 parts: Theory and ideology, Literary/Cultural Production and Pedagogy.

Authors: Dorothy Figueira (University of Georgia) ; Jean Bessière (Sorbonne Nouvelle University) ; Ipshita Chanda (English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India) ; Louis Armand (Charles University, Prague) ; Tomo Virk (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) ; Valerio Massimo De Angelis (University of Macerata, Italy) ; William J. Kennedy (Cornell University) ; Haun Saussy (University of Chicago) : Maria-João Simões (University of Coimbra) ; Daniel Link (University of Buenos Aires) ; Anne Tomiche (Sorbonne Université) ; Stanley Corngold (Princeton University) ; E.V. Ramakrishnan (Central University of Gujarat) ; Dong Yang (Grinnell College) ; Oswaldo Zavala (The Graduate Center, City University of New York) ; Monica Schmitz-Emans (University of Bochum) ; Subha Chakraborty Das Gupta (Jadavpur University) ; Thomas J. Figueira (Rutgers University) ; Juri Talvet (University of Tartu).

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: Honoré Champion